A. Gridin Charity Foundation project “Glasses for children” is starting again!


After the successful completion of the first project “Glasses for children” and the fact that the requests to help children to buy glasses do not stop, we are starting the second part of the project!

Purpose of the Project – is to help poor, welfare-recipient families with many children as well as the ones raising children with special needs purchase prescription glasses for these children.

Project Objectives:

• to raise targeted funds for glasses for children from poor families in order to ensure one of the basic human needs – a good vision, which would lead to a better contact with environment, a better well-being, higher self-esteem and increased self-confidence of a child;

• to prevent difficulties for children while learning;

• to help children grow more healthy and safe, to be more receptive at school.

Our Tasks:

• to provide support to an average of 5 children per month;

• to provide support to at least 50 (fifty) children per year from various towns and regions of Lithuania;

• to allocate the financial aid in the amount of 100 euro per child, depending on the needed prescribed corrective lenses.

We invite Social Support Centers and Special Educational Institutions to submit applications to receive information about families raising children with visual impairments, who require glasses, but their parents or guardians cannot afford to buy them.

Aleksandr Gridin Foundation invites you to join and help these less fortunate children of Lithuania to see the world brighter and clearer as well as decorate their little noses with stylish frames – an accessory that will bring joy and give confidence.

Make a donation as a bank account transfer to the Foundation’s bank account LT327300010132901508 „Swedbank“, AB Alexander Gridin Foundation, legal entity code 302864683, indicating the purpose of the payment as “Glasses for Children”

Let’s join our forces to provide help to these children – for children are our future!